• The beauty of imperfection, Masahiro Maruyama Eyewear

    Beauty lies in the little imperfections, and the work of Japanese eyewear designer Masahiro Maruyama is certainly a reminder to embrace all these little details that make each object unique.

    Modern production has made us so accustomed to perfectly constructed products and identical mass-produced objects that we often forget the charm that resides behind small imperfections.

    Beautiful collections
    Since launching his first eponymous brand, back in 2011, Masahiro has come up with four beautiful collections of eyewear all crafted with traditional techniques and inspired by hand-drawn sketches.

    Unique flair
    Each one of his glasses has its unique flair, a rough look achieved by incorporating hand-drawn elements in the final design. Working with well established craftsmen from Kawada in the Fukui prefecture, the glasses are made using ancestral Ding-style techniques.

    Work of art
    Blending traditional craftmanship with subtle beauty of small imperfections and the practicality of modern design every single model is not only a functional accessory but also a beautiful and portable work of art.