Iris Apfel – at the amazing age of ninety-four, is clearly a style icon with international influence and respect – a feat few women can claim. The New York resident – whose trademark is voluminous eyewear and extravagant attire – has dazzled the fashion establishment with Iris in Paris at Le Bon Marché – the ultra chic “grand magasin” on the Left Bank. The fashion muse (pictured above with Selima) is portrayed in videos; an in-store exhibition inspired by her fashion exuberance; and fabulous, stylistic window scenes created by illustrator Eric Giriat.

    The illustrations show Iris dressed in her inimitable, uniquely individualistic style attending the opera; on a bateau mouche; visiting a park; and enjoying a café. The fashion legend is also known for her quotes – that flow with words of wisdom from this nonagenarian – and include: “Fashion you can buy, but style you possess;” and “having fun is the best revenge.”

    Uniquely Iris – sunglasses created by Selima Optique.

    For the Iris celebration, Selima Optique has created oversized sunglasses – the Iris signature – for Le Bon Marché, in collaboration with Iris Apfel. Iris in Paris continues at Le Bon Marché through 16 April. www.selimaoptique.com www.lebonmarche.com JG